SI Cataloguer

SI Cataloguer 2.2

Organize your collection of CD and DVD


  • Enables you to search your whole CD and DVD collection in seconds
  • Includes a loan tracking tool


  • No support for EXIF data
  • You can't create new categories

Very good

SI Cataloguer enables you to create a database with all your CD and DVD (and also hard drive folders) so that you can locate any file stored on them in just a few seconds, even if the disc is no physically inserted into the unit.

This ability has several obvious advantages: it allows you to have your personal media collection perfectly organized and it also provides you with a very efficient way to search for any picture, video or song stored in it. SI Cataloguer has also a contact list and loan tracker to control who has a given CD or DVD at any time.

The program supports metadata for indexing HTML documents and MP3 songs, amongst others. However, it doesn't display EXIF data when managing pictures, nor does it allow the user to create new categories in the database.

You might get away with not cataloguing your music and movies, but if you have at least several data disks with pictures, files and backups, you’re in real trouble! Either your start organizing the disks properly or you’re doomed to spend boring hours inserting the disks into PC and trying to find a file named… hold on, what was the name of that file? Oh no, you have to do it all over again!

Stop wasting your time and get organized! You’re inserting your disks one by one anyways in order to locate a single file – you don’t even have to stop doing that! Just install SI Cataloguer, and it will automatically index the contents of your disks while you’re busy inserting and removing them – except that it’ll remember the disks’ content, and you’ll never have to do this all over again!

On a more serious note, SI Cataloguer performs the indexing of all files and data such as picture properties and MP3 tags on your entire collection of CDs and DVDs. And indexing means you’re no longer limited to a file name – instead, you can use any property of a file to locate it right on your computer and without the need to insert an actual disk that contains the file. You can type the performer’s name, and see a list of songs from all your CDs that are performed by the singer. If you do not remember the artist’s full name, type any part of it, and you’ll see a complete list of artists whose names contain your search request.

SI Cataloguer


SI Cataloguer 2.2

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